Just FYI: https://www.microfocus.com/support-a...nowledge-base/
Knova is the platform for heritage Novell/NetIQ/SUSE. Everything is being
moved to an updated version of Knova.

Gradual Rollout

Initially, heritage GWAVA customers are being directed to the new pages (1700+
pages migrated from KBPublisher to Knova) at
http://www.microfocus.com/support-an...nowledge-base/. Over the
upcoming months, we will continue efforts to consolidate our branding and
systems across more KB content:
• Move heritage Attachmate from WordFactory Tech Notes to Knova
• Move Novell and NetIQ products (already using Knova) to new microfocus.com KB
• Move heritage Micro Focus from Community wikis to Knova
• Move heritage Serena from inQuira to Knova
We are reducing systems and harmonizing processes ahead of, and in concert
with, the upcoming HPE-S merger.


The new KB pages include significant enhancements and bug fixes, which meet
many requirements set by the Knowledge Management team last year:
• Microfocus.com navigation and styling: Modern look and feel, and integrated
with the rest of the www site.
• Improved experience on phone and tablet screens, including responsive styling
for small screens and larger tap targets in lists/results.
• Unified customer-facing Micro Focus branding. (Novell, NetIQ, GWAVA, Micro
Focus, and Attachmate are still represented in the internal authoring tool
picklist hierarchy, but the Products are displayed under Micro Focus in the new
customer-facing KB pages.)
• Security Alerts and Top Issues get increased visibility: Product "What's New"
page now promotes any TIDs with these Status values that were published/updated
in the last 9 months.
• Feedback improvements: Increased customer engagement with prominent in-page
buttons and carousel-style question presentation (instead of clicking a small
link that opens a separate survey page as seen on novell.com and netiq.com).
• Improved SEO for SUSE content: For TIDs that apply to SUSE products only,
users and search engines are redirected to the suse.com TID page instead.
(Note: Expect suse.com Google ranking improvements over time, and as we
modify/retire/redirect the novell.com pages.)
• Automatic cross-linking: Plain text "KB<space><digits>" or
"TID<space><digits>" in authored TID content is automatically displayed as a
hyperlink on the new customer-facing site.
• Existing cross-linking updated: When viewing a TID on the new customer-facing
site, any existing links to other TIDs referencing old URLs (domains,
directories, etc.) are automatically updated to the new link location.
• Disclaimer clutter removed: New TID pages do not display disclaimer message
at top and bottom. As per legal guidance, site-wide Terms of Use referenced in
web footer and new print-only footer are sufficient.
• When viewing a TID, customers can click or tap an author-inserted inline
image to display it full size.
• Pages served over HTTPS for encryption/integrity security, customer trust,
and enhanced Google ranking.
• Simplified feature set: For expedited development and ease of maintenance,
the new pages do not include little-used features such as star ratings,
favorites, saved searches, or email/print options.
• Friendlier error pages (instead of blank pages on novell.com and netiq.com)
when attempting to access product pages for invalid/renamed products.
• Fixed bug with TIDs containing tables getting truncated on novell.com and

Kim - 8/8/2017 8:15:06 AM