Here's what to expect as far as web site goes if/when the HPEs/Micro Focus
merger happens this Friday, September 1st

• From Day 1, the HPE Software site ( will become a subdomain of at this URL: Access to content
previously available on will be redirected to
• A New Home Page will be published on and the new subdomain, It will showcase the new company, the supporting
events, and the expanded portfolio.
• A new menu and navigation design will help users travel between the main site
and the subdomain while presenting the combined Micro Focus and HPE-S solutions
and products. It will also make it easy for visitors to find the right
community or customer support site depending on the solutions they own or have
interest in.
• New About Us content will combine the history and highlights from both the
HPE-S and Micro Focus companies.

Just passing it along as FYI

Kim - 8/28/2017 11:31:46 AM