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As reference I'll post the needed configuration change for the HIT kit once I have it.
Still waiting on the parameter to use in combination with the Dell Eqaullogic HIT Kit.

In the meantime I've made a small script that removes the managed paths for partitions on the volumes. The script runs at Xen host boot and that is enough for now to keep things running.

For reference the script that provides a workaround for us:

# temporary script to work around the Xen host multipathing claiming domU partitions
# For use with Equallogic HIT kit 1.1.0 and SLES 11.2 only
# WMeens - 16 7 2012

#List active dm paths and filter the output to write only partition paths on eql devices into a temporary file
dmsetup ls| grep eql-.*.*p[1-4][[:space:]] |cut -f 1 > /tmp/DMpartitions.dmp

#read the temporary file and remove the dm mappings for the partition paths listed
while read line; do dmsetup remove "$line"; done < /tmp/DMpartitions.dmp