You see, I'm not European and I actually WORKED through the month of August.
:-) I've got time off to burn so I'm taking every Friday off between now and
the end of the year (if workload allows), and some time off around Christmas as
well. I'm not going anywhere so I'll be available if needed. You know how this
works...if I take time off it's almost guaranteed that the NNTP server will go
down or something. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why it's peaceful and
I'm not getting on your nerves on Fridays for a while.

Just an update on our community consolidation project. This week we were
*finally* able to meet together as a pseudo communities team (our organization
structure is still being created and we don't know who reports to who for a
while yet). The MF and HPEs folks met in Provo for a couple of days, learned
about each other and each other's systems, and hashed a few things out.

The plan is to still consolidate onto Lithium, which HPEs is on. Some uppity
up so far up the management chain I can't even see them from here said we're
moving to Lithium and so we are.

The biggest hurdle we have to overcome before we start migrating is single
sign-on. The company integration process is still happening internally full
bore and the powers that be haven't settled on a single sign-on process yet.
HPEs is quite a bit bigger than the Micro Focus side and they use Active
Directory and a product (forgot the name) that manages their entitlements and
sign on. We (the community team) have heard unofficially from some IT folks
that we're probably using Access Manager, but there are big discussions
happening around that way above my level (or anyone else's level that's on the
community team). We can't really migrate communities and users until the issue
if single sign-on is set in stone.

On a little side note, the issue of Cool Solutions points came up during the
meeting, and the HPEs folks are not happy that we pay for content at all. They
don't see the need for it though Susan Salgy, Susan Urie, and I evangelized it.
FWIW there are a lot more HPEs community folks than MF. It's an issue we've
put off making any decisions on.

Another thing the HP people don't like is a community for every product. They
are all about building community around concepts.

On the other hand, HPEs people are in love with the idea of a Knowledge Partner
program. They wanted to know everything about how it works, who you folks
were, etc. etc. and have already voiced that they want to keep it running and
expand it across the community.

I like the folks I met from HPEs. There's one gal that's kind of a grump, but
the rest of them are great.

There will be a lot of discussion, campaigning, and compromising happening
across the team in the next few months. We don't even know where the community
team will reside in the company organization nor who will manage or even be
part of it. This is a huge ship now and both ends of it turn slowly. We're
all just doing our jobs until management catches up with us. :-)

Kim - 10/19/2017 1:22:24 PM