I saw the guy that posted two iPrint posts in the technical chat forum and was
pondering the best way to handle it. My proposal is that you don't reply, but
you report the post just like you do spam. Then I (or you) can go out and move
the post to the right area which is fine for HTTP. I'll put a redirect on it
valid for a week in the original forum. Once the post is in the right forum, I
(or you) repond to the post i**in the new forum**, quoting the original post
informing the user it's been moved. That starts a new NNTP thread in the
correct forum with all relevant information. Would that work for you folks?

FYI posting to an original thread from NNTP *after* it has been moved creates a
new thread in the original forum from your reply, so not a good idea.

Kim - 11/9/2017 7:56:20 AM