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Thread: SLES 11 SP2 and iSCSI HBA

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    Question SLES 11 SP2 and iSCSI HBA

    Is there a way to insert/load modules at the boot menu right before boot? I'm not able to get into my root partition to add it to /etc/sysconfig/kernel, so I'm really talking about the boot prompt or boot command line at the main menu before SLES boots. Here are the details of the issue I'm seeing:

    I've had no problems doing both an in-place upgrade from SLES 11 SP1 to SP2 and a fresh SP2 install on VMs. However, I've had trouble upgrading and fresh-installing SP2 on a physical machine (Sun Fire x4140).

    The in-place upgrade on the physical machine from SP1 to SP2 went smoothly. Upon reboot though, SLES does not see the root partition. We use the iSCSI HBA to boot the OS. The qla4xxx driver seems to load up fine and it is in INITRD_MODULES. Cat /proc/partitions in SP2 rescue mode shows NO partitions, so I can't mount up root. However, /proc/partitions in the SP1 rescue mode shows me root and I can mount it up just fine. FYI I have never had a problem with this in SP1 or pre-SP1.

    A fresh install of SP2 on the physical machine had trouble as well. No hard disks were found when it went through the "probing hard disks" step. Adding withiscsi=1 to the boot line before installation took me to the special iscsi config screen right before install, where I took the defaults, and then the iSCSI lun/disk was seen. I was able to complete the install and it booted up fine.

    I found two modules that need to be present in SP2 (per lsmod) that were not needed pre-SP2: iscsi_boot_sysfs and libiscsi. Next time I do an in-place install, I'll add these into /etc/sysconfig/kernel and run mkinitrd. However, I've got this one machine that I screwed up that I can't get into the root partition, and so hopefully someone can tell me how to add them at the boot menu to force them in. Thanks!
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