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We've been having issues with SLES 11 servers freezing/crashing/hanging
intermittently. This has happened for almost a year now, and continues
even though we've upgraded to SP1 and now to SP2.

Anyway, I've enabled 'Magic SysRq'
(http://www.suse.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=3374462) on all SLES 11
servers and configured kdump. The goal is to capture crash dumps via the
console on unresponsive systems for further analysis.


Any idea what the issue is here? There may be more informative
messages higher up in the console, but I can't see them and not sure how
to slow down the messages to capture them, or how dump them to a file.
My VM is running on VMWare.

[image: http://i.imgur.com/GqiI2.png]
I would guess the filesystem containing the libraries has not been
mounted at that point hence it can't find them (/dev/sda1).....

When your at that prompt, what is mounted? (just run the mount command).
The dmesg command may offer further information. In you VM if you can
get to tty10 (ctrl+alt+F10) it has kernel messages.

I would guess that /dev/sdb1 is you swap partition (and for resume), so
why would it being resuming, sure the systems are not going into a
power management mode (seem to be frozen). I would have thought
anything related to power saving would be disabled?

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