Hi there,

how do I add an SDK repository on the command line (both SLES 10 and 11)? I tried the following:


rug sub --strict --service http://smt/ SLE10-SDK-SP4-Pool
It says
ERROR: 'SLE10-SDK-SP4-Pool' is not a valid catalog in the specified service http://smt/.

rug ca
does not show the SDK, even though it's available on the SMT server.

I could also use
rug sa -t ZYPP http://user@smt/repo/\$RCE/SLE10-SDK-SP4-Pool/sles-10-x86_64 SLE10-SDK-SP4-Pool
but this adds an entire service instead of only a catalog of the already existing SMT service. I feel that is not right.


Here I can use
zypper ar -t yum -n SLE11-SDK-SP1-Pool http://smt/repo/\$RCE/SLE11-SDK-SP1-Pool/sle-11-x86_64/ SMT-http_smt:SLE11-SDK-SP1-Pool
But, Yast does not show
Service: SMT-http_smt
in the repository details for that repository, however all repositories from the SMT added via yast will have that line. Is that bad? What is the difference?

Thanks for any info or documentation you might have on that subject.