Looking for some help with this seeing as the doco on EVMS is pretty lacklustre

here's what i've tried so far without any luck...

add a disk to my VM

create 2 segments in evmsgui
create a container and add 1 segment to it
create a region on the segment
create a volume using this region
expand the container with the remaining segment

from this point on, I can't for the life of me expand either the volume or the region so I can grow the filesystem i've made on the volume

if I remove the volume from the region I get the option to expand the region, but that doesn't help me much if I need the data on the volume...

the reason i'm asking is that i'm going to add some space to a machine in the near future that uses EVMS and need to get the procedure worked out

any sort of destructive volume removal, migration etc really isn't an option as this is the kind of situation EVMS is meant to help you avoid