Ok, see if you can help me wrap my brain around this issue.

We have a remote site connected via T-1. They can do everything
network/computer related they need, aside from online searches.

Google toolbar or google.com searches time out. If someone from our
dept signs in on one of those computers, searches work like a champ.

If one of those computers is brought to our main location & the remote
user signs in, searches work like a champ.

It seems to be just for these users at this remote site. No acl's on
routers/switches between here & there, our filtering appliance and
firewall have not been changed to block any of this.

Remote machines are both XP and windows 7 64bit.

Any ideas, suggestions? *Anything*?

We've tried reloading a couple machines, same thing happens, so that
tells me it's nothing with the computer itself.