Hi Guys.

I'm busy at a new client site (POC) where I'm implementing SP1 of SLEPOS in their dev environment. I've build an image, synced down to store server, and the POS boot's the image fine. No problems with the infrastructure. The only concerning bit I have is that the POS rebuilds / loads the image after every rebuild even though the image has not changed (MD5 and image file has not been touched / replaced on the store server). Any ideas where I can look? I've combed the log files on the till and branch server, and cannot see any "funny" business.

At our other client sites we don't have this problem. The till's only rebuild when we have a new version of the image / the md5 has changed / ImageVersion file was deleted from the POS.

Admin Server: SLES 11 SP1 64bit
Branch Server: SLES 11 SP1 64bit

POS image x86_64 architecture built