I'm trying to come up with a way to create a bootable DVD or CD for SLED
11. I've got the SLED11sp1 iso mounted on my machine and under
/boot/i386 there is a mkbootdisk script. Couldn't figure out how to
make it work so I opened an SR with Novell. They didn't know either and
their suggestion was to use 'SUSE Studio' (http://www.susestudio.com) to
create a bootable custom image. I tried that and created the custom ISO
but I'm back to the same problem. I can copy the ISO to a disk but
still don't know how to make the darn thing bootable.

I miss the old dos days when all I had to do was 'format a: /s'.

I'm trying to boot to a SLED dvd or cd with basic functionality -- just
enough network drivers to get me on the network and mount a remote nfs
mount from another linux server. Then tar up the partitions of the
local disk and put them on the remote mount.

Can someone offer some advise as to how to accomplish this?


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