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jgosney <jgosney@no-mx.forums.novell.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to come up with a way to create a bootable DVD or CD for
> SLED 11. I've got the SLED11sp1 iso mounted on my machine and under
> /boot/i386 there is a mkbootdisk script. Couldn't figure out how to
> make it work so I opened an SR with Novell. They didn't know either
> and their suggestion was to use 'SUSE
> Studio' (http://www.susestudio.com) to create a bootable custom
> image. I tried that and created the custom ISO but I'm back to the
> same problem. I can copy the ISO to a disk but still don't know how
> to make the darn thing bootable.
> I miss the old dos days when all I had to do was 'format a: /s'.
> I'm trying to boot to a SLED dvd or cd with basic functionality --
> just enough network drivers to get me on the network and mount a
> remote nfs mount from another linux server. Then tar up the
> partitions of the local disk and put them on the remote mount.
> Can someone offer some advise as to how to accomplish this?
> thanks

Just in the options on SUSE Studio create a live CD/DVD as the build
target, do it all the time without issues?

You don't copy the iso image, burn the image to a cd/dvd or use the
usb option and then use imagewriter to make the usb bootable?

So you want a minimal install and the nfs drivers?

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