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    Exclamation TCPIP to Virtual Serial printers

    Hello All;

    We have several Serial-to-IP Ethernet Devices (Startech NETRS2321E).

    The Serial-to-IP Ethernet Device comes with a Windows virtual com (vcom) driver. I can set up the Windows vcom driver to make the connection to the Serial-to-IP Ethernet Device. Then use putty (on the Windows PC) to connect to the vcom and print on the serial printer. Now I need to have this happen on Linux.


    OS = SLES 12 SP2

    I have a need to have several text streams of TCPIP inupt and output to virtual serial which are connected to Serial-to-IP Ethernet Devices, which are connected to real serial printers.

    So the stream goes
    TCPIP -> vcom -> Serial-to-IP device -> Serial printer
    incoming tcpip stream (IP1:port1) -> vcom (com parameters = physical serial printer parameters, eg 9600,n,8,1) -> Serial-to-IP device (its IP:port) -> Serial printer

    This needs to be a permanent connection even when the Linux server restarts. And I need to have 4 streams (on different IP address:port combos)

    So the multiple streams go
    TCPIP stream1 -> vcom1 -> Serial-to-IP device1 -> Serial printer1
    TCPIP stream2 -> vcom2 -> Serial-to-IP device2 -> Serial printer2
    TCPIP stream3 -> vcom3 -> Serial-to-IP device3 -> Serial printer3
    TCPIP stream4 -> vcom4 -> Serial-to-IP device4 -> Serial printer4


    SO I need three (3) things to make this work
    1. setup up vcom ports to print to the Serial-to-IP Ethernet Device
    2. forward the TCPIP stream to a vcom port
    3. permanent tcpip to vcom even upon reboot.

    Can anybody help with this setup?
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