I am using Dell optiPlex 990 desktop with DUAL 512MB AMD RADEON HD 6350 (2 VGA) installed, and two Dell LCD monitors E190s and E1911. Operating System: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP2.

What I want to do is that each monitor can display different content on the same PC. My problem is two monitors display the duplicated contents. I did followed the instruction under "How Can I Configure Multiple Monitors in Linux?" of AMD's website, which requires running the fglrxconfig. But when I run the fglrxconfig, the localhost prompt said: command not found. I also went to the SUSE Linux YAST to activate the Dual Head Mode. But, result is the same that both monitors continued to display the duplicated content regardless I set to Cloned or Xinerama Multihead.

How can I make each monitor display different content on the same PC.

Thanks to help.