We are running a demo POC of SUSE XEN. my customer is running two virtual machines. They installed SAP on both virtual machines.

Customer found(complain) that both virtual machine are performing slow comparatively(they have done a similar setup/test using ESX 5 with 3x better results).

Though I haven't got the chance to look into the logs, or monitor(top, vmstat) the server yet, but would appreciate if you guys can please share something that can help me understand the problem or find the reason behind the issue

Our Environment:

XEN Host OS: SLES 11 SP2 x864
HW: HP Proliant DL 380 G6
CPU: two Physical Quad core processors.
Memory: 32 GB
On XEN host server we can see 16 processors when we ran "cat /proc/cpuinfo"

we created two SLES 11 SP1 virtual machines 'vbox1' and 'vbox2'
resources assigned to vbox1
CPU: 6
Mem: 16 GB
HDD: Two disks(each 1 TB)

resources assigned to vbox2
CPU: 6
Mem: 10 GB
HDD: 1 TB single disk

Note: All the disks are SATA and attached locally, no SAN or multipathing.

Muhammad Sharfuddin