Jumping in with both feet on this forum here. I'm new to SMT and an actual real SUSE support contract, but I've got 30 years unix/linux admin work experience.

I installed SUSE Manager in Microsoft Azure to manage our SLES 12 SAP HANA systems installed there. Azure provides a pre-built image for SMT, but WITHOUT GUI support (libraries not found). I can't imagine why they would do that, but it is what it is, so I was forced to use the ncurses version (didn't the 80's recall this along with 80x24 CRTs??). Installing from an ISO downloaded from SUSE is such a complicated process in Azure, I'm not even going there. I did do the download in desperation, and that solved the SMT registration part that SUSE support can't seem to even understand, and that got the Azure SMT registered properly with our subscription.
I got through the install successfully, but as soon as it finished you are returned to the shell, and the URL that's supposed to be displayed for you to login and create the Administrators Account is not displayed.
I've searched online, this forum, and logs on the server for the default URL, but nothing so far. I even looked at listeners on the server (trying any port that looks interesting), but all I got was the default login screen for the application. It's possible it's buried somewhere in Apache config, but I've never managed Apache and have no clue where to look there.
Can someone direct me to the default URL to set up the Administrators account? I would be eternally Grateful.