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Johnfm3 wrote:

> Thanks for your interest and help

Hi John,

Have you made any progress with your quest?

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
So due to my working hours during the week, my free time is on the weekend. And most of my time to research is done during the week. This weekend is taken up working on my Jeep for my son who needs to drive it to college while his car is being repaired.

Last weekend I had a situation which causes me to need this. I have 2 APC 600 battery backup's. And I have broken up my infra hardware needs between the 2 battery backups. For an unknown reason, one of my backups failed after a new battery replacement. As such I had to talk my son over the phone how to start up the VMs on the remaining XEN machine. That's not a problem, but keep in mind issues such as dhcp db updates not being sync'd, so when clients come back for a IP renewal, the running dhcp server VM has no clue as to prior IP issued. Same with DNS records kept. Luckily at this time I am not setup with dynamic dns yet.