Hi there,

I am rather new to SLES (mostly used Debian-based Linuxes before) and having difficulties installing development-related packages on a SLES 11 SP2 server, which I recently got.

I found my way around with 'zypper' and realized that these repositories are setup on my machine: SLES11-SP1-Pool, SLES11-SP1-Updates, SLES11-SP2-Core, SLES11-SP2-Extension-Store, SLES11-SP2-Updates, SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-11-SP2 (the installation medium).

When trying to search for/install (in my opinion rather basic) dev-packages like libopenssl-devel, libmysqlclient-devel or git, I realized that these are only available via third-party repositories and not included in the default repositories mentioned above.

Is this correct or am I still misunderstanding the 'zypper' ecosystem?

Thanks in advance.