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Thread: filesystem on /dev/sdX is supported or partitions required

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  1. filesystem on /dev/sdX is supported or partitions required

    disk /dev/sdb is a LUN that could be extended if and when needed from Storage(SAN).

    1 - created a file system on /dev/sdb(without creating partition)
    mkfs.xfs -m crc=1 /dev/sdb
    2 - mount the file system

    3 - while the file system was mounted, extend the LUN(/dev/sdb) from Storage

    4 - new disk size appeared when running
    fdisk -l /dev/sdb
    5 - ran
    xfs_growfs /dev/sdb
    a) should I rather use lvm ? any advantage that I am missing ?
    b) is it supported by SUSE to create file systems directly on LUN(as I did).. I am asking this because Yast does not allow to create file system directly on the disk(without first creating partition)
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