Hi SuseCmail,
my suggestion for a systemd-free Suse Linux Enterprise, is to use either SLED11SP4 (unfortunately no more updates or patches since last year) or SLES11SP4 (still with active patches until 2019 or 2022, i don't remember exactly). They both are excellent and reliable pre-systemd versions using sysV init.

I am using SLED11SP4 and i love it although it is aging a bit these days and it's getting harder to find updated software for it. i am reluctant to go to SLED15 due to systemd as well. i don't trust it either. like the old saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it). when SLED11SP4 becomes very old, then i might switch to devuan.org; at this point i don't know because i love SLED11SP4 very much, especially the gnome 2.28 interface (never liked gnome3 and i don't like MATE either)

I tried SLES11SP4 and installed it but it was cumbersome in the sense that it is more restrictive when doing common tasks (for instance, you have to provide the root password to shutdown or restart your computer, go figure; plus it has less software on the installation dvd than SLED11SP4, ie: openoffice is not on SLES11SP4 dvd yet it is included in SLED11SP4 dvd), plus the subscription price to keep active patches is too high for me and i am an individual, not a company (the last time i checked it is US$800 a year; unfortunately i cannot afford that

in the meantime, i am a happy camper with SLED11SP4 until my laptop breaks (it is a 6-year-old dell xps l502x laptop). still very fast with this linux version. i have win7 in the other partition, and this laptop becomes very slow, so slow it gets to your nerves. luckily i only use win7 to download security updates, so 99.5% of the time i'm on SLED11SP4.

hope this info helps...