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Hello Fahad,

Simply search and install it with zypper instead of rpm
zypper does dependency solving and is able to search also for capabilities instead of names

example search (on my sp3 system)
zypper search libstdc++

S | Name | Zusammenfassung | Typ
| libstdc++-devel | The system GNU C++ development files | Paket
| libstdc++-devel-32bit | The system GNU C++ 32bit development files | Paket
| libstdc++33 | The standard C++ shared library | Paket
| libstdc++33-32bit | The standard C++ shared library | Paket
i | libstdc++6 | The standard C++ shared library | Paket
i | libstdc++6-32bit | The standard C++ shared library | Paket

example install

zypper install libstdc++33

It does not matter if it is SLES or SLES4SAP as SLES4SAP has 100% SLES included.

... and btw. the BOBJ install guide does show the needed per-requisite and commands

eg. see https://help.sap.com/viewer/65018c09...30/4.2.5/en-US
section Preparation -> system requirements

Your SUSE SAP Team

Perfect Thank you #pschinagl and #malcolmlewis so so much for your help.
This has been a major road-block, couldn't do without your excellent advises.

Only thing i had to do next was setting utf-8 language.

Thanks once again GodSpeed