Hi Dan,

> What should I look for in Partitioner to determine if this is an LVM setup?

this *is* an LVM setup. Your volume group is named "system" and it has four logical volumes, named to their respective intended use. Sorry that I was unclear in my earlier statement.

> You think I should first upgrade from SLES 11 SP2 to SLES 11 SP3, then to SP4?

See https://www.suse.com/documentation/s...rep_paths.html. Skipping intermediate SPs has been introduced with SLES12, but you're not there, yet

> What if I don't see the root partition listed in the SLES 11 SP3 installation process?

Let's handle that once you have tried and came across this problem again It may well be that the (SP4) upgrade is looking for an existing SP3 installation and doesn't accept the existing SP2, hence not showing any upgradable partition. If true, SP3 should well offer you to upgrade the SP2 installation...