Hi All,

I want to run Apache2 with the itk mpm instead of prefork; I'm running SLES 11 SP2 on amazon EC2. I noticed the itk package wasn't in the yast default software repo so I did a search and it turned up at http://software.opensuse.org/package/apache2-itk If you scroll down the page, there is a version built for SLES 11 SP2.

The problem is, currently the version of apache used by SLES 11 SP2 is apache 2.2.12, and the mpm-itk package is for apache 2.2.22.

Is there way to get mpm-itk installed on my system without replacing the entire apache, mod_php, etc with the 2.2.22 versions from the build service? Maybe a way I can get the build service to build against apache 2.2.12?

Otherwise I suppose I can download the apache 2.2.12 source rpm, apply the itk patches, and enjoy... right?