On SLES12 SP3 automount is on by default. When I insert a DVD containing HP Proliant Service Pack, the dvd is auto mounted, I can change to the /run/media/root/SPP<version> directory and execute launch_sum.sh since its permissions are 744. In fact all files on the DVD have permissions 744 and all directories are 777. The same iso (HP Service Pack) on a USB Stick (written via HP USB Drive Key Utililty) also will automount. But the file permissions for launch_sum.sh are 644 and will not execute (permission denied). All files on the USB device have permissions 644 except for launch_sum.bat which is 755 (this is the start script for use on windows systems). The mount command shows the USB stick is mounted with fmask=0022 and dmask=0077 but those values seem to be ignored. If I unmount the usb device, then manually mount it: mount /dev/sdc /mnt then the permissions are as expected and launch_sum.sh can be executed. I've been trying to use /etc/auto.master and /etc/auto.misc to control autofs but have had no success. I removed the mount entry for the cd in auto.misc but it seemed to have no effect and I suspect not even being used. The Admin Guide has lots of information on autofs, but nothing dealing specifically with usb devices. Has anyone tried changing usb automount behavior and succeeded?