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> sorry in advance for my bad English :-)
> I attach to this thread because i need some additional information about
> the 050-474 exam. Where can I find a study guide done for this
> certification? In Suse website i've found these videos, are they still
> ok?

Given the message you replied to referenced the 050-747 exam do you
perhaps mean 050-747?

You can find the exam objectives for 050-747 at

> https://elearning.suse.com/courses/s...stration-3124/
> You mentioned the SLE201 course: are there written/video materials for
> it or i must attend the course?

For the SLE201 course please see
https://training.suse.com/courses/sle201/ - this course is delivered in
person or online.

> Another problem is that i've read the exam objectives but i don't know
> the required level of knowledge.

Exam 050-747 is practicum based so not only will you need to know how to
perform certain tasks (see the exam objectives linked above) but will
need to actually perform those tasks. From personal experience you
should make sure you have some practical experience of using SLES12.

HTH & good luck!
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