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Hi All,

i am looking for model Question paper for SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12 : 050-747 exam 2018 updated.

Could someone help me on this?

i am planning to write this exam in next month

It looks like you are asking if there are some sample questions for the 050-747 exam? The exam is a practical/hands-on exam that is conducted online using an environment with two Virtual Machines that are networked together. The exam does not have "questions", per se, but it presents you with anywhere up to 8 scenarios that require you to configure in real-time one or both of the Virtual Hosts that you have root access to.

The best preparation is for you to go through the course SLE 201, read everything, do all the labs several times over, and be aware of how to look up examples for configurations and commands on the systems you will be taking the exam on, which will be SLES 12 SP3/4 systems with a default install and a couple of key modifications that are there to support the exam requirements.

I hope this helpful to you, and guides you to study properly for the exam. If you cannot work your way through all the 13 modules of labs with a high degree of understanding, you should continue to study them and redo them and experiment with the options. Use YaST in the text-mode, it's the best option for you on the exam, the GUI version is not easy to use on the remote server on the exam, but the text mode works brilliantly in SSH sessions, which you should be using.

Let me know here if I or others can be of further help by answering questions about the exam process, we are unable to say anything about the actual content of the exam to candidates, that's what the course, the objectives ( https://training.suse.com/exam-objec...nux-12-update/ ) and a lot of practice are for!

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