Ok, so I'm on the soap box here ... I'll ask forgiveness in advance.

Got to say that I find using FB as an authenication source isn't a good
thing. As IT people, we know why. Most of the general public has no idea
what they are opening themselves up to by using Facebook Connect to
authenticate to other portals.

Internet tracking is at an all time high. Install the Ghostery extenstion
in your Firefox & Chrome browsers, subcribe to the feed closest to your
location, and see how many trackers it blocks. I've seen seen 15 trackers
blocked on many sites.

I have a FB account, but don't link it to any other on line service or ever
use it to login to a web site. I don't trust them & what I'm doing is none
of their business.

For sure, I don't use the FB phone app as it will harvest everything on your
phone & insert what it want on to it.

Facebook stole every contact and phone number in your phone – here’s how to
undo the damage
By: Zach Epstein | Aug 12th, 2011 at 11:15AM


Is your private phone number on Facebook? Probably. And so are your friends'
Uploads from iPhones using the Facebook app will push all your contacts onto
Facebook's servers - where they'll be matched against any and everyone.
Worried at all? Update: Or how about a random Facebooker's number?


How to Use Facebook’s Application Settings Dashboard
(I'm looking for an updated article on FB account settings.)