Hi Dean,

indeed, you'll need a system that is both registered to SCC and connected to the Internet (in terms of "is able to access external servers via HTTPS and/or connect to an existing intranet SMT server").

When you go to https://www.suse.com/eval/download/i...gin_required=1 and are logged in with your SUSE account, the according 60 days trial code is displayed together with links to *SLES* ISOs (these are simply SLES12SP2 ISO, nothing special, so usually you have no need to download 'em if you already have that on-site. AFAIK there's no SUSE Manager code in these ISOs).

So you'll have to register your test server using that eval key and then should be able to see the add-on for SUSE Manager listed in YaST.

1k+ servers is indeed a where you can significantly profit from the automation provided by SUSE Manager. From my experience, the included Salt component is well suited to integrate with possibly existing configuration management data sources, even if you decide to implement company-specific work flows.