I have an interesting problem that I think may be a configuration issue but there are a couple of symptoms that I will list here.

Background : I have several SLES 10 boxes in this environment but I am only seeing the below described problem on a few.

Problem :

I have an application user account that needs to run a script that kicks off 3-3 processes and these processes need to continue to run.
The user has a script that uses nohup embedded in the script to kick off the the processes. The script properly redirects stdout>std in and backgrounds the script.
The script is kicked off with sudo as the processes need to run as root.

Note: I modified a copy of the script with setuid so that it would run as root but that does not work as the processes take on the name of the user acct.

  1. If I login to the account again with a ssh (putty) session to monitor the process table, and log out of the first window, the processes are killed and the second window is also logged out.
  2. If I kill the window, I get the same result.

Now as root, I created a test script and logged in multiple times to see if I would get the same results and I do not. nohup works perfectly and killing any of my login sessions does not affect the others.

Root is using bash and the user account is using csh but changin the user account to use bash does not stop the behaviour and only trashed the application environment variables.

I am not quite sure where to look to fix the problem.

I suspect that the problem is in the fact that all of the remote login session to that machine under that user seem to be tied together as a single pty but when I do a "w" each login has a different TTY assignment {pts/0, pts1 etc}.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.