Hello. I an setting up SuSe manager and came to the point where I start adding channels for software updates. I know SCC is connected to this area here. I click on a few items that I know our organization uses and will use very shortly. Some of the products failed when I tried to add them. Why is this? Now, in the channels page it shows a bunch of packages being available, but I wasn't able to get a "green" status on the SuSe Products page. Could this be because I am not authorized to use the product YET? At this current time my organization uses SLES 11.2, 11.3, RHEL 5. This is according to our currently used spacewalk channels. I was able to get the SLES 11.2, SLES 11.3, and RHEL 5 to get green status. The system I was got SuSe Manager 3.1 on is SLES 12.3 at this time and that seems to be the only SLES 12.x we have in our environment. (I know...we are very far behind. Long story)

With all this being said, how do I delete the channels that I don't seem to be able to use at this moment? We plan on upgrading the other SLES machines to 12.3 eventually, but as I understand it, we have to go through each subsequent release to get all the way up to 12.3.

Thanks in advance (Danke im voraus?)