Hi All,

I'm using SLED12 SP3 x64 with gnome only. Last few months this kind of behavior is happening, but not regularly. If i'll close my laptop lid and then open, of course i need to supply my login password on the lock screen, then all the open window lists from the taskbar just gone vanish. only way to get back the lists, using either 'Alt-Tab' or place your mouse on the top left corner of the screen, then click each single window, move that to next workspace. After moving all the windows to the next workspace, my case, workspace 2, because i only have 2, from there i need to again move all the windows to the workspace 1 & only then window lists are coming back on the taskbar.

no window lists.png

see the attached image, window is not visible on the taskbar list.

Can anyone inform me what log files do i need to check, if that again happen, so that i can supply much more information to the forum to rectify this problem.