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Thread: Uninstall Net IQ, and it's impact.

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    jpadilla NNTP User

    Uninstall Net IQ, and it's impact.

    Currently we are running Net IQ on our AS400 OS. Net IQ was placed on my
    lap, and now I'm the person to get all information on this program. I
    have an idea of what this program does, but the main question is, what
    is the impact of removing this program? What will it break? We are
    approaching our maintenance period, and unsure if this program is
    necessary. If any one can help I would appreciate it, or at least guide
    me in the right direction.

    Thank you

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    Re: Uninstall Net IQ, and it's impact.

    You have two problems that I can see:

    First, this is a chat forum, not for things technical.

    Second, NetIQ is a company, not a program, so once you find the actual
    program installed, you may have better luck pinning down which forum can
    better help you.

    If you have an idea of what the program does, you could post about it here
    and maybe we can help you identify the program. If you know the name of
    the program, then we cannot probably help much more here. I know that
    NetIQ Identity Manager (IDM) has a mainframe piece for provisioning users
    to the mainframe, and I know that NetIQ Sentinel can receive events from
    mainframes, maybe via an agent on them (not sure), but otherwise I cannot
    divine what you are using.

    Good luck.

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