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Thread: So is the company HPE going forward? What about Novell now??

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    sheilaanderson NNTP User

    So is the company HPE going forward? What about Novell now??

    Still trying to not call it Novell, and that's not sitting well with
    me...... but now it isn't going to be Micro Focus either?

    I doubt HP is going to allow the HP part be renamed Micro Focus..... and
    HPE shareholders are getting 50.1% of the shares in the merged company.
    So Micro Focus as a brand is dead right???

    To be honest, HPE is a much stronger brand name (and sounds better
    What will this mean for Novell? With that many new products being
    absorbed, I hope the Novell part is strengthened.
    That they are making SUSE a really big deal is fantastic. A little
    trickle down budget funding please.

    And give us the Novell branding back..... or slap HP on it. No need to
    force this Micro Focus brand on us anymore.

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    Re: So is the company HPE going forward? What about Novell now??

    HPE is, as I understand it, absorbed into Micro Focus (MF), not the other
    way around. Sure, HP E was the bigger company, but MF is the one that
    took over just the same, kind of like what happened when Micro MF took
    over the Attachmate Group's properties (including Nvoell).

    I doubt the Novell branding is coming back for a lot of reasons; while
    many of us recognize the value of the brand, too many people without that
    experience (I'm referring to people outside the company, to be clear) only
    saw a negative connotation with the word, and fighting that culture did
    not help business. The products all live, as they did before when
    everybody thought Novell was not around anymore , but new opportunities
    exist as a result of people no-longer immediately dismissing a products
    simply because of its company's name, or at least that one particular
    name. There are a lot of good lessons, though sad, about people, and
    business, and other things found there.

    Good luck.

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    Re: So is the company HPE going forward? What about Novell now??

    Novell as a company was absobed in the Attachmate merger in 2010. Attachmate
    was absorbed in the Micro Focus merger in 2014 at which time Novell ceased to
    be a company/brand. Micro Focus bought the HPE Software business which was
    just a portion of HPE. HPE Software never existed as an independent company
    and the name HPE Software has been phased out. The company name is Micro Focus
    and is the world’s seventh largest pure-play software company, . Novell
    products were rebranded Micro Focus long ago and Novell as a company or a brand
    no longer exists. NetIQ (part of the Attachmate merger) still exists as a brand
    name of Micro Focus because of legal contract reasons. SUSE remains an
    independant company under Micro Focus. FYI.

    Kim - 4/16/2018 8:01:41 AM


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