Novell as a company was absobed in the Attachmate merger in 2010. Attachmate
was absorbed in the Micro Focus merger in 2014 at which time Novell ceased to
be a company/brand. Micro Focus bought the HPE Software business which was
just a portion of HPE. HPE Software never existed as an independent company
and the name HPE Software has been phased out. The company name is Micro Focus
and is the world’s seventh largest pure-play software company, . Novell
products were rebranded Micro Focus long ago and Novell as a company or a brand
no longer exists. NetIQ (part of the Attachmate merger) still exists as a brand
name of Micro Focus because of legal contract reasons. SUSE remains an
independant company under Micro Focus. FYI.

Kim - 4/16/2018 8:01:41 AM