On 04/16/2018 06:14 AM, Emmermacher wrote:
> Hello ab.
> Thanks for your answer. I know that its time for a change. For the
> moment I have too much other projects.
> I hoped, that I could solve this as a quick solution...

Fair enough, and that is part of the reason SUSE made this option
available, so that you can solve this more-easily than by upgrading your
entire system to SLES 12. Let us know how it works for you if you get a
chance to implement it.

Another option, depending on your needs, is that you could potentially use
some sort of proxy, e.g. haproxy, or Squid, or something that then does
the TLS 1.2 bits for you for your clients' benefits, but does not need to
do TLS 1.2 back to your server. This could potentially be done with other
products too, like Access Manager, but the main benefit is you could
potentially do so without touching your current system at all, minimizing
risk of downtime due to a broken configuration.

Good luck.

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