Does SUSE provide documentation on how to integrate a kISO (in this case the HPE Gen10 Servers Installation Kit) with the SLES11 SP4 x86_64 installation media? The idea is not to require a separate CD-ROM for this installation. Best case would be an isohybrid ISO that could be imaged to a USB stick (or DVD) and used for the installation.
We require an unattended installation, so that means a DVD with SLES11 SP4 x86_64, a CD-ROM with installation kit, and a autoinst.xml file on another USB stick or already integrated into the SLES11 SP4 DVD (which I already do).
If I could just open the kISO file, add the entire SLES11 SP4 contents to a new folder, save this new modified iso, and get the kISO to look for the SLES11 SP4 media at that location it would work.

Install server won't work. We do many reinstalls at customer sites and our service group needs a simple means of reinstallation onsite - with possibly no outside network connection. A single USB stick shipped with every server would make this much simpler.