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pi david wrote:

> Besides, as old generation laptop, CD-rom is less and less
> supported...even as external media at the step of install & boot
> system.

This is very true. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad and I'm faced with the same
problem. In my case, the laptop does not have a CD/DVD drive.

I have a simple solution: I clone my internal drive to an external
drive using a disk caddy or even a USB thumb drive (if I have one that
is big enough). Should my internal drive die, I install a new one and
clone the external drive to the new internal one or even install the
cloned drive and repeat the original cloning.

The process is pretty simple:
- Boot openSUSE Live from a CD or a USB thumb drive
- dd if=<internal drive> of=<external drive> bs=10M

Yes, it could take a while to complete but it takes a lot less effort
than trying to rebuild your internal drive using only Lenovo recovery
media and, considering the cost of a laptop hard drive, it is a very
inexpensive solution.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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I understand the solution of clone of disk. While in my case, by now neither disk in my hand has hardware problem by now, but Windows system, I need to refresh it almost every 2 years because of divers problem of system failure.

Considering the frequence, the solution i am looking for is relying on easy retoring Windows only, seperately with SLE....