gathagan wrote:

> I've also considered FreeNAS, since it has the ability to utilize the
> SSD's for write caching, but saw a fair amount of discussion over how
> dependable the ZFS file system is.

Your other posts suggest you will use your server to manage your
storage *and* process your data. With such a large volume of data and
the need to have your server manage several separate arrays, perhaps it
is safer to dedicate a server to managing storage?

FreeNAS is one option but there are many others. It may be worthwhile
taking a look at some of them and see if there is a fit between what
they offer, what you need, and the HGST 4U60 you have available.

Here's a fairly recent list of some. I'm sure you can find others.

I recognise quite a few names and know a bit about some of them but I
haven't looked at them in detail to determine which ones might be
appropriate candidates. I thought you might enjoy that...

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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