i'm getting desperate. I installed a fresh SLES 12 SP3, but it does not boot cleanly.
Systemd is always hanging here:
https://hmgubox.helmholtz-muenchen.d...458cac0e/?dl=1 . Unfortunately i didn't find a way to copy/paste from the remote console, neither Java nor .NET. So i have to provide you with screenshots :-))
IMHO it seems that the device nodes are not present. After 90s systemd continues and finishes in an emergency shell. But then the device nodes are visible !
Under /dev/disk/by-uuid and directly unter /dev/sda*
I followed https://www.suse.com/de-de/support/kb/doc/?id=7018491 and extended the timeout to 200s, but that didn't help.
When i start top i just see 0KiB total for swap. My root volume is BTRFS, but just the root volume is mounted, not the subvolumes like /opt, /usr/local ...
I changed the entries in fstab from UUID to /dev/sda*, but that doesn't help. Swap and /boot is still missing, and all BTRFS subvolumes. I can /dev/sda3 to /boot manually.
But trying to mount the subvolumes via mount -a does not succeed. But without any error message.
What also is strange is where / is mounted:

Journalctl -xb says the jobs are timed out.

I'm thankful for each help.