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Thread: My SuMa doesn't have a Base channel for SLES11.2

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    My SuMa doesn't have a Base channel for SLES11.2

    I'm trying to make an activation key for SLES11.2. I have a channel for 11.2, but when I'm looking at the base channels for the activation key then 11.2 is not there. Even when I do mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -l, the SLES11.2 is there.

    1. SLE-11-SP1-x86_64
    2. SLE-11-SP2-x86_64
    3. SLE-11-SP3-x86_64
    4. SLE-12-SP1-x86_64
    5. SLES4SAP-11-SP2-x86_64
    6. SLES4SAP-12-SP1-x86_64
    7. SLES4SAP-12-SP2-x86_64
    8. SLES4SAP-12-SP3-x86_64

    So what is my issue here? Please don't mind the SLES4SAP11-SP2. The hosts I am trying to manage are 4SAP hosts.

    On a similar note, we have a privately manage SLES11.2 repo available, but I can't seem to make a bootstrap repo for it. Or any of the privately managed repos. If I could get that going as well then my first issue might be overlooked at the this time.
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