Hello Hi, I just joined this forum. am not an expert in SUSE/Linux. Hopefully by joining this community I could learn and share stuff with all members.

Here is my problem:
For unknown reason the file named '.xsession-errors' grows very fast in the last 2-3 days, from a couple of hundreds MB to 1.4 TB which in turn occupied the full size of the mail server's disk, leaving no space anymore.

To overcome the problem I deleted that file, but it doesn't decrease the file size usage. The directory entry was removed, but the file is kept as long as the process uses, that's what I was told. I can't find the file in Trash folder neither in TMP folder.

As the disk is 100% occupied, I can't practically do anything now, including the screen becomes blank/black, just the cursor can be seen moving around the screen.

So I really need to remove the .xsession-errors file and prevent it to grow uncontrolable. Maybe there is a way to delete it remotely.....

Any Help would be highly appreciated.