I've been installing and configuring SLES 12 SP3 machines. Our configuration requirements state that we must use a DoD banner for SSH connections.

I've modified our /etc/motd and /etc/issue files to reflect the banners and changed the /etc/ssh/sshd_config to use `Banner /etc/issue`. Now the banner appears when connecting and after authentication.

However, some machines now have system information being printed out. This is not a desired effect and I have been ordered to remove it. The problem is that I cannot figure out where it is set to print this information.

Hostname:                 linux
Current As Of:            Thu May 24 09:30:02 2018
Distribution:             SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
 -Service Pack:           3
Architecture:             x86_64
Kernel Version:           4.4.73-5-default
 -Installed:              Thu May  3 14:42:04 2018
 -Status:                 Tainted: P           X
Last Updated Package:     Tue May 22 05:11:54 2018
 -Patches Needed:         0
 -Security:               0
 -3rd Party Packages:     11
IPv4 Address:             eth0 <IP>
Total/Free/+Cache Memory: 5962/4675/5411 MB (90% Free)
Hard Disk:                /dev/sda 500 GB
How do I get rid of this?