please help me fixing a problem with the registration of a new installed server.
With yast2 it didn´t work.
We found out, that our proxy let the connection through.
I found the command SUSEConnect and tried this way for the registration.
I tried

"SUSEConnect -r 12345678901234 -e maic@example.de -u https://scc.suse.com -debug"

and got the following error.

"SUSEConnect error: SUSE::Connect::CannotBuildBasicAuth: Cannot read username and password from /etc/zypp/credentials.d/SCCcredentials"

I don´t understand why.
The missed data would be saved after the registration, I think.
The server was de-registered and not seen in our profile.
What ist wrong with this command?

Thank you in advance.