On 29/06/2012 14:00, KeN Etter wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Jun 2012 12:46:03 GMT, Dave Howe <DaveHowe@invalid.dom>
> wrote:
>> On 29/06/2012 13:37, KeN Etter wrote:
>>> Someone made some bad decisions there.

>> Migrating to OES2 DSfW isn't as bad as going direct to Windows, but can
>> still show cases where stuff you expect to work on the new platform just
>> doesn't.

> I'll stick with OES 11 and eDirectory. :-)

Same thing, really.

Seen a few cases where DSfW messed up, which means a pure-play windows 7
workstation couldn't successfully use a file resource. Windows 7 NW
client is pants though, so often it still didn't work once you went to
using "old school" connections, and so forth.

Had some fun ones in the past - I think my fave was around 2005 or so,
where a client was trying to use old dos requester drivers under windows
98 (!) because he had an old btrieve (!!) DB running on a netware 4
(!!!) box that was business critical.

Pointed out to him that there was a fair business case for moving to a
at least marginally supported more modern platform (probably pervasive)
but apparently that wasn't an option with this old and now unsupported
app. Settled for having a set of VMWare instances but even so - its
insane some of the "business critical" apps out there that were written
in the 90's but are still in use (athough if this were a unix forum, I
guess we would now get people talking about how old their COBOL apps
were and which version of the lyon's electronic office they were
originally written to run on