Well Hello all!

For those who are not on my facebook page (why not?) and I haven't
posted this to the ncci group (why not?) Here's an update on the not so
very interesting life of our local alien from Jersey.

In May (May 2nd) I had another baby boy... His name is Joseph David.
Very healthy and active.. The little dude is almost 11 pounds now!

I left my work at home job, as it was not cutting it money wise, but it
was paying the bills and supplying me with much needed insurance. So I
found this job at a lawyers office and the pay is good and the benefits
are good too. The technology is awesome as well... Feels good to be back
in a (partial for now <VBEG>) Novell shop.

And this biggest news of all... I am finally married :-p Got married
yesterday!!!! :-D