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Hello victorchan

I see you have not yet received a response on this.

> Hi, I'm service partner of SUSE Linux located in Hong Kong, we are being
> the On Demand Training for the SLE201 SUSE Enterprise Linux 12.
> We are complete the Video and Quiz easily, but the Lab exercise we are
> can't to finish. This is because the remote Lab environment is too slow.

I am not aware of any problems here.
> Anyway can improve the performance? Because we spend about one month
> just finish the first 5 chapters and the later exercise would be more
> complicated and easy to break by system.

Would you please contact me at my direct email address, and I can try and
get the responsible people in touch with you ?

My email address is : hvdheuvel [at] suse [dot] com

> [image:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/3uaf69r0ad...%202018-06-08%


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