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Thread: looking for installation media for SLES9 - s/390 (31-bit)

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    Re: looking for installation media for SLES9 - s/390 (31-bit


    is there also an original SLES9 (before SP1)?

    "SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for IBM s390" (from back in like 2004 or so?)

    which I'll need which has all the originally released product?

    SLES-9-s390-RC5a-CD1.iso 4f5ca784a148ac0431ee18cd9c7840ce 305.6 MB
    SLES-9-s390-RC5-CD2.iso b7f95b81510dfd527579b184baee5d30 516.6 MB
    SLES-9-s390-RC5-CD3.iso 21d3e2eb32aa83bb0ddad1f08526d37f 417.5 MB
    SLES-9-s390-RC5-CD4.iso 849936436e1fdd351df6403dbf5d7e2d 475.2 MB
    SLES-9-s390-RC5-CD5.iso 7655c5871fae2915efe9644d211041e4 648.5 MB
    SLES-9-s390-RC5-CD6.iso 11bb0fcd7e82a07b7ab2878708478768 633.8 MB

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