On 26/06/18 13:55, ab wrote:

> For what it is worth, I too downloaded it and calculated the following
> md5sum, just for comparison purposes:
> dc010329631b7d68ae2315f9d2ad2a54

Snap! I also get


as the MD5 checksum.

For completeness I also generated SHA1 and SHA256 checksums:

SHA1: 11e6a3118587b07e3dafc5525938bdb1bfc15b16
SHA256: 6ff8e5c39061b5d7417b31a3ff57a8c6d6b4dbe01d07ea2e6d 3f31957a93683b

Given that we're generating these checksums (as opposed to being
officially published by SUSE) I'd be more inclined to check that the MD5
checksums of the individual files within the archive match those which
were noted and linked to[1] in the asysad's edited web post[2]. Which
they do!


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