Hi Nausheen,

to get an idea of what is happening here, I'd recommend to take a look at the access log of that web server you set up.

If you see the requests from the installing machine, networking should be fine. If you see no requests from the newly installed system, then maybe your networking setup is insufficient (I'm thinking of "using DNS name in the URL, but have no DNS setup available during install" and similar issues).

When you see the requests coming in to the web server, you ought to get an idea of where the installer is looking for files - and if these files are actually served by your web server. If you see 404s for RPMs or crucial meta data files, you could double-check if your setup in the AutoYaST matches the setup of your web server, and adjust accordingly.

Do you see requests for the missing RPMs coming in at the web server? How's it being responded to and if those responses are 404s, do you actually have the RPM file(s) available at the server, but at a different location?